Why the Chinese A4 size is 210*285mm?

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ASK: Why chinese A4 size is 210*285mm not 210*297mm?

ANSWER: Because the paper size is 889*1194mm, cut from the middle is 889*597mm. The brochure finished size plus bleeding is 216*291mm. Looking to the below chart, the left side is folio paper, it’s 4*2=8P, 4*216=864mm, 2*291=582mm, the printing size is 864*582mm.The Bite position is 15mm,597mm-582mm=15mm , the paper should be bitten when it passed the printer and then printing on it. Normally, the bite position of folio printing should be 15mm, so the A4 size applied to printing can only be 210*285mm.

If the finished product is 210*297mm, plus bleeding is 216*303mm, the 2*303=606mm, it has exceeded the size of 597mm. So the finished size of A4 album or the leaflet in China should be 210*285mm not 210*297mm!