A chart wil tell you what is bleeding!

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ASK: What is bleeding?Why we should add bleeding in printing?

Answer: The bleeding is a part of content which is convenient for us to cut into shape, the purpose is to rerserve the effective content of the design during cutting.

Bleeding is a commonly used term for printing, it refers to increase product size in the cutting pattern, plus some patterns of extension, dedicated to the production process used in the process of the tolerance range, in order to avoid the dew white edge after cutting the finished product and avoid cutting the content.

There’re design size and finished size, the design size is bigger than finished size, the extra size will be cut after printing. The area which should be printed and be cutted is called bleeding.

If the design is white background, then no need to add bleeding, but we have to keep the texts/logo/pattern 3mm away from the edge which shouldn’t be cutted. See below chart, you will understand.