What’s the standard size of leaflet in China?

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Flyer is very common leaflet, size can be customized according to customer demand, but in order to save the cost of printing and paper, generally using conventional printing size, will greatly save paper, not waste paper, and reduce the cost of printing.

The ISO standard A4 size for flyer is 210*295mm, but in China, the standard size is 210*285mm. Please design your flyer to match this size will save much cost.

The standard flyer in China is generally call 16open, 8 open and 32 open, according to the actual use of the customer and the paper's open. the print size of 8 open is 420*285 mm, 16 open size is 210*285mm, 32 open size is 142*210 mm. When we design the page, we must know that there will be a process of cutting after printing, cutting will be error and loss. So we need to do at least 3mm bleeding when we are designing, so it can prevent after cutting part not to be cut.