How to choose business card material?

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1. Business card material classification

A. Coated paper card

B. Specialty paper card

C. Thick paper card

D. PVC card E. Metal card

2. Commonly used paper business card materials The common used paper is coated paper, linen paper, GangGu paper, laminated paper, ice white paper, Holland white paper, Angus paper, paper shell.

3. To print hight quality business card, metal card is the best choice. To make the logo cutout or etched is a best way to give customer the first impression of your brand.

4. To print large area in full color, it’s better to choose coated paper and PVC card. Coated paper and PVC card surface is smooth enough to print full color, it’s easy to print uniform color.

5. Simply business card design is suitable for all kinds of paper printing, especially suitable for special thick paper printing business card. So that the special paper can give full play to its own characteristics, and can reflect the special effects.

6. PVC transparent card can give you a special feeling of business card. It can be glossy, matte or frosted finsihed, every finished has it’s advantage. You also can choose to do it full transparent, semi-transparent or solid color.